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Behind-the-Wheel Information

How do I schedule drives? 

Visit  It was generated when you signed up and registered for the class.  If you don't remember the user/password, let us know so we can change it for you.

You must complete 5 BTW lessons to complete course. You must have 3 BTW lessons done before the last day of class.

Don't wait to sign up!  120 days to complete the entire course!   There is a mandatory 6 day practice period between drives. 


If you are wondering what will be covered during each drive - look through the unit notes.  First lesson over Unit 1.... Lesson 2 over Unit 2......   Make sure you schedule them according to the calendar.  You don't want to sign up for a drive if we haven't completed the Unit!

How are my BTW lessons graded?

You will receive an evaluation from your instructor after each lesson.  Practice the things marked on the sheet at home.  You must achieve an 80% on BTW lesson 5.  This is achieved by performing with little or no coaching from the instructor.  CWDS is hoping students get at least one hour of practice a week with parents during the course.  Use the evaluation sheets and the Parent/ Teen guide for guides.

How do I keep track of my driving time?

You will need to have 50 hours of supervised practice with a parent/guardian or another driver with at least 5 years of driving experience before applying for your license.  Below there is a links to an app, the DOL parent/student handbook and to the intermediate license information.

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