Day 9 Self Directed Class

Complete by Monday!

Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. A former student Jared is in this video. 

  2. Watch the video (green button), then answer the questions (black button).

Parallel Parking

Power Point Lesson.  Know the set up and exiting the parking spot "get your nose out."

Lane Changes

Power Point Lesson.  Know the basics on lane changes.  It's a lateral maneuver!

Drowsy Driving

Open the form, follow the instructions!!  We will start with this lesson on Monday!

Greetings from Arizona

Sorry my computer didn't work well, took awhile to get this done!!  I'll be back ready on Monday!

Yes, I did do this!  The problem is people didn't stare at me, no shock.... the new normal.


My friends rolled their eyes when they picked me up... good enough! HAHA

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