State Requirements

  • 30 Classroom

  • 4 hours Simulation

  • 5 BTW Lessons

    • Observation (Optional until end of Emergency Order)

Completing the Course - 80 % to pass


  1. Once you have attended all classes (make-up classes if needed) and finish all course assignments you will need to schedule a time to take the 50 question comprehensive test for the course in person, in our office.

  2. Complete all 5 driving lessons.  Schedule these at  80% is required on road test to pass. (Road test is the last 25 minutes on Drive 5.)

  3. Complete observation. Student must ride in the back while another student drives.  1 hour minimum.

State Testing

Once you have completed the above requirements, you may start your state testing.

Testing is done at driving schools.  If you test at CWDS, you receive a discount.  We really recommend preparing for the tests!  Knowledge shortly after the class is completed so it is still fresh. 


Drive test:  Don't rush this!  Get experience, but comfortable.  Especially driving in town - turning at traffic signals!

  • There is no wait to start testing, but you must have completed driver education first.

  1. Knowledge Test: 40 question, multiple choice test.  Must get 32 right to pass.  All questions come from the Washington Driver Guide.  The test is $20 each attempt for our students.  3rd test free.

  2. Drive test:  Test is approximately 20 mins.  At this time, we can only do drive tests in our school vehicles until stage 4.  The cost is $40 for each attempt.

Driver Education never expires.  Can start testing when your eligible.  Licensing - whenever you are ready.

  • Knowledge exam scores are valid for 2 years.

  • Drive test scores are good for 1 year.