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  • 30 Classroom

  • 4 hours Simulation

  • 5 BTW Lessons

    • Observation (Optional until end of Emergency Order)

Driving schools are licensed and regulated by the Department of Licensing Driver Training Schools Program. 

Must pass with an 80% in both the classroom and BTW sections of the  course.



  1. Once you have attended all classes (you cannot make-up more than three).  

  2. Finish all course assignments.

  3. Take the classroom final. (Done in person at our office.) 

    • 50 question comprehensive test.  You need 80% - Minimum 40/50.

  4. Complete all 5 driving lessons with a passing evaluation on BTW lesson 5.  

  5. Complete at least one observation. Student observes in the back seat while another student drives.  

Under 18? To be eligible for a license you must:

  1. Pass driver education

  2. Pass state knowledge & drive exam

  3. Possess an instruction permit for 6 months

  4. Be 16 years of age


State testing is not part of the driver education course.  

  • They are offered at licensed driving schools.

  • Our students receive discounts if they take them at CWDS.

Knowledge Test:

  • 40 question, multiple choice test.  Must get 32 right to pass.  80%

    • We recommend taking this shortly after completing the driver education class.

    • The knowledge test is information covered in the Washington Driver Guide. 

    • Must having a passing knowledge exam before taking a drive test.

Drive test: 

  • Test is approximately 20 mins.  You must achieve a score of 80 or better to pass.

  • You can bring your own car or use a school car for your test.

  •  Don't rush this!  Get more practice.  The examiner cannot  engage in small talk or coach you.

Knowledge exam scores are valid for 2 years.

Drive test scores are good for 1 year.

The DOL website has information about what to expect during these tests.
Click below for DOL testing pages.

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