Getting Started

Course Contract

This is the course contract for class.  DOL requires that we have one on file for every student.  Please open read and parent & student sign.  Submit!


Here is a link that will bring you directly to the DOL website for step by-step information on how to obtain your permit.

Once you finish the pre-application on License Express, submit the student's DLN number here.  CWDS must have the DLN to put in a waiver proving they are enrolled in TSE in order to get their permit.

  • Your temporary permit is good for 45 days.  You must have it with you each time you drive with us.  If your hard copy does not come within 2 weeks, contact DOL immediately.  We cannot do lessons without a valid permit.

Completing the Course - 80 % to pass


  • Once you have attended all classes (make-up classes if needed) and finish all course assignments you will need to schedule a time to take the 50 question comprehensive test for the course in person, in our office.

  • Complete all 5 driving lessons.  Schedule these at  80% is required on road test to pass. (Road test is the last 25 minutes on Drive 5.)

Complete observation. Student must ride in the back while another student drives.  1 hour minimum.  Optional until further notice.