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Driving School Instructor:  Is this a good fit for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Do you like working with people?  Mainly teens...

  • It can be challenging working with teens.  On a high note - they can be excited, eager to learn, polite, appreciative and can be a very rewarding experience. 


  • On the low note - they also can be disrespectful, rude, unresponsive, entitled, lazy and there are times were you feel it is a thankless job.  Most are going to float somewhere between.  I learn more and more everyday and has overall helped me become a better teacher.


  • I started doing this because I felt like I had a gift for working with this age group and it has been very rewarding and sometime disappointing.   Once in a while I can make a difference and build a relationship with the student that started out giving me complete grief - and turn a student around, not just in class, but their world.

2. Are you motivated to make our community's streets safer?

The is a big one.  This job is more than a paycheck. Student's know whether you are truly there to help or if it's just another job.  Our job is very important.  It can be easy getting lazy and go through the motions.  That is not who we are at Central Washington Driving School.  We have always had a good reputation and we are proud of our program.  We are only as good as each one of our efforts.


3. Are you willing to learn to be a better instructor?


If so, let's continue

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