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Signing up for student access

This site has all the course materials needed for the class.  Student's will need to sign up for an account.  Each student will be manually approved to become a member. (Student will get a notification when this happens) 

It is important that students have access to a computer, this site is not designed for mobile devices.

  1. Sign up to become a member of this site.  Click on  "Log in/ Sign up" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Sign up.PNG

2. Fill out form and submit.

3.  What student's will be able to access

Class Calendars:  You can access you class by going to the calendar page, and click on the scheduled day of class.  There is a direct link as well as the Meeting ID and Passcode.

Make up days:  You must attend all classes.  Ex:  you miss class 10, you need to find the next time class 10 is offered.  The class meeting days/times are listed under the calendars.  If the dates/ times work for you, you can access your make up class right from the calendar.

Course Materials:  This is where you find the class notes for each Unit.  Use these when doing your homework.  Homework is done at  Check your spam for the email from  This has your username and password to do the homework.  Once registered, you have access to the assignments.  Homework is assigned at the end of each unit.

Class Info:  This is your timeline and the requirements for completing the course.

Behind-the-Wheel:  Information about scheduling your drive lessons.  It has a direct link to  Whomever signed you up for class has this log in information.  If it has been lost, contact the school office immediately.

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