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Course Contract

Ellensburg Office: (509) 933-3344   Moses Lake: (509) 764-8601

Driver Training Schools Requirements:

  1. A student cannot attend a driver training education course before the age of fifteen years;

  2. Students cannot enroll in a driver education course after the first three classes have been completed.

  3. Open enrollment or self-paced instruction is not permitted.  With the exception of make-up lessons, all students must be on the same lesson. 

  4. Students cannot make up more than three classroom sessions.  They will be required to restart the class over from class 1.  

  5. Students are required to get a minimum of 80% to pass.  If students fail the classroom portion or miss more than 3 classes, they can repeat the classroom for $150.


Classroom and behind the wheel instruction in a course that is scheduled for not less than thirty days, not to exceed 120 days.  

  1. Classroom Instruction:  30 hours

  2. Behind-the-Wheel 

  • On-street lessons:  5 hours 

  • Driving simulation:  4 hours 

  • In-vehicle driver observation:  1 hours or more.

Parent Meeting:

This is a required meeting and is approximately one hour in length.   This program is heavily regulated by the DOL and we must follow the laws.   Families that do not attend this meeting or read this information often end up frustrated with our program.   If you have any questions contact us, we are here to help.  




The total cost of the course is $445 and should be paid by the first course session. 

  • There is a  $75 non-refundable deposit.  The deposit will only carry over if the student changes classes prior to the course starting, unless they used the course waiver to obtain their permit.. 

  • To meet the needs of all interested students and their families, fees may be paid in installments.

    •  The initial payment of $245 (includes the $75 deposit) is due by the first day of class and two $100 payments paid:  

    • 1st Payment:  Classroom session 6.  

    • 2nd Payment:  Classroom session 12.  

      • $10 late fee for missed payments. 

  • Accounts will lock, and scheduled drives will be cancelled if payments are not made.

Refund Policy:

  • No refunds after the 2nd day of class.  Half of the course fees are refundable if they withdraw by the 3rd day of class.  Doctor documented medical causes and circumstances may be considered.



CLASSROOM:  Students have 120 to complete the class.

Classroom Attendance:  

  • Cannot make up more than three sessions. 

  • Students must attend the same lesson missed the next available time it is offered.  

  • Students will not be allowed to attend class if more than 5 minutes late.

  • If a student is removed from class because of behavior, they must make-up the class and is considered an absence.

  • Students must answer polls throughout the class for attendance.  Zoom records the time that a student is logged into class.  If reports are short of the required time, the student will have to make up that time to fulfill the state’s requirements.  We are required to submit these to DOL when entering student scores.

  • There is a 10 minute break in the middle of class.

Class Expectations:

  1. The DOL Driver Training Schools Program requires that web cameras are on for the entire class and the students' full face, from top of head to your chin, is visible.

  2. You must have a microphone to participate.  

  3. Class monitors.  There is another instructor monitoring the class.  Phones and other activities are prohibited during class.  If the monitor does not see the student’s full face or sees them doing activities other than class, they will make contact via chat with the student.  If the student does not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the monitor will remove the student.  This will count as an absence and the student will be required to make-up that class.

  4. If the student needs to use the restroom or briefly leave, they need to send a chat to the monitor so they don’t get removed.


Classroom Assessment: ** Complete classroom information can be found at the end of this section.


Students must pass all tests and achieve an overall score of 80% to successfully pass the course. 

  •  If a student needs special accommodations, please notify CWDS staff immediately.  Don’t not wait until the end of class, it will be too late.

Navigating Class Site:

80% is required to pass the class.  The grade is the average percentage from assignments. A passing score is required on the final test. 

  • If the student does not have a passing score once all assignments, extra credit and final test is complete, they need to repeat the class.  The cost for a classroom retake is $150.


Classroom Materials

  1. Driver Guide:  Students are to read assigned sections listed for each unit.

  2. Unit Notes:  These are PDF files that can be opened and downloaded.

  3. Additional assignments may be be assigned and will be listed under individual units.

  4. Extra Credit assignments are encouraged, but not required.  Can make a significant difference if overall score is under 80%

  1. Homework

    1. Students will receive an email from classmarker.  The student will be given a user name and asked to create a password.

    2. Students have ONE attempt at each assignment.  They cannot be redone.  Students should use their notes and assigned sections of the Driver Guide to complete the homework.

    3. Assignments will become available on classmarker once we complete each unit.

    4. IF THE STUDENT MISSES A DAY - DO NOT do the unit homework until you make up the missed day of the unit.

  2. Final Test

  • The final test must be taken in person.  Once students have completed all classroom sessions and completed all homework assignments, they need to contact the driving school to sign up for a slot to take their test.

  • Must pass with 80%.  They have 3 attempts at the final.


Behind-the-Wheel Lessons (BTW)

Instruction Permits

  1. If you don’t receive hard copy in the mail within 10 days, contact DOL.

  2. You can drive with someone that has 5 years of licensed driving experience sitting in the front passenger seat.


Scheduling Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Lessons

Students have 120 days to complete all BTW lessons. 

  1. All BTW lessons are scheduled, rescheduled and canceled at our website: - The username and password were created when the student enrolled in the course. 

  2. Students should schedule BTW lessons according to the course flow chart.

  3. You will schedule 5 Lessons.  

  4. Students are required to complete AT LEAST 3 BTW lessons before the last scheduled day of class!  

  1. There is a 7-day mandatory “practice period” between BTW lessons.  Do not wait to sign up!!

  2. There is a $50 fee to extend the training period 30 days beyond the 120 limit.


These fees are charged in the following situations:

  1. If you need to cancel or reschedule a drive, you must do it at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged.  This is done on the website only -  cannot be canceled via phone or email.    

    1. If a student is ill, a doctor’s note is required in order for the fee to be waived.

  2. The student does not have their permit or the permit is expired.

  3. If the student does not have corrective lenses if it is listed as a restriction on their permit.

  4. They will be required to pay the fee before (at least 48 hours) going on their next scheduled behind-the-wheel lesson or it will be cancelled.


BTW Lessons – Check in

We recommend you show up at least 5 minutes prior to your drive start time.

  • All BTW lessons start and end at our office.

  • If your drive is not during regular business hours, the office sign may say closed.  Come in, your instructor is in the office waiting for you.  

  • If not, wait a few minutes. They are probably finishing the prior student’s drive.  They will be there shortly.

BTW Assessment

Drive 1-4:  

You will receive an evaluation after each drive.  Practice skills you learn during your lesson at home.

  • Home practice is important for student success.

  • At least 6 hours of home practice are recommended during the course.

Drive 5: Final Drive

The final drive must be passed with 80%.  

  • If student’s cannot not perform required skills with minimal coaching, the student will have to repeat Drive 5 Assessment.  Cost $30

Observation:  DOL has temporarily waived this requirement, but are recommended.

  1. Observe another student drive.  

    • No need to schedule this, just show up and sign in.  Look at the BTW periods online at our website.  You can see who is driving.  Check the schedule online prior to showing up in case the student cancels. 


Additional BTW lessons can be purchased at $40 a lesson.


Intermediate license laws for teen drivers

If you’re under 18, you’ll be issued an intermediate driver license and must follow these laws:

Driving with Passengers

  • First 6 months: No passengers under 20 years old, except for immediate family members (spouse, child, stepchild, or siblings, both by birth and marriage).

  • Next 6 months: No more than 3 passengers under 20 years old who aren’t members of your immediate family.

Nighttime driving
For the first 12 months, you can’t drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. unless you’re with a licensed driver 25 years or older. The only exceptions are driving for agricultural purposes and transporting farm products or supplies under the direction of a farmer as described in RCW 46.20.070.

No cell phones
You aren’t permitted to use wireless devices while driving, even with a hands–free device. This includes talking on cell phones and sending or receiving text messages. You may only use a wireless device to report an emergency.


These restrictions won’t apply after you turn 18 years old.

Penalties for violations and accidents

  • First violation: Passenger and nighttime restrictions will apply until you’re 18. We’ll send a warning letter to you and your parent/guardian for the following:

    • Get a ticket for violating the restrictions.

    • Get a ticket for violating a rule of the road.

    • Are involved in an accident where:

      • You get a ticket or are determined to have caused the accident.

      • No one involved in the accident receives a ticket.

      • The cause of the accident can’t be determined.

      • Only your car was involved in the accident.

  • 2nd violation: License suspended for 6 months (or until you’re 18, whichever comes first). We’ll notify you and your parent/guardian before we take any suspension action.

  • 3rd violation: License suspended until you’re 18. We’ll notify you and your parent/guardian before we take any suspension action.

Warning letters and penalties until age 18

Once you’ve driven safely for 1 year the passenger and nighttime driving restrictions expire, but the other violations will apply until you’re 18.

If I have a license from another state, do the intermediate license laws apply to me?

    Yes. A teen with a valid out–of–state license must get an intermediate WA license and meet all the same requirements.

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