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Completing Driver Education

Students have 120 days to complete the course.  If the course is not completed by this time, they will have to retake the course.   

  • This includes all classroom sessions and make-up classes, behind-the-wheel lessons, & all homework/tests.  

  • If you go beyond this deadline, you will have to pay a $50 extension fee.  


For more detailed information, please review the CWDS Course Contract.

80% is required for both the classroom & the BTW sections of the course.


Attend all classes (make-up classes if needed) and finish all course assignments.

  • You must make-up the class missed.

    • Ex: You missed Class 9, you need to find Class 9 in a different class to attend.

    • Go to the Course Calendars page. Find the class you need will be offered again by looking at the other active classes schedule.  You can join the class by clicking on the link on the calendar.

      • When you register for the zoom class that day, zoom will record your attendance.​

    • Complete all assignments in your account.  You must achieve 80% to pass the class and you only have one attempt at each assignment.

  • You will need to schedule a time to take the 50 question comprehensive test for the course in person, in our office. 

  • Study the class notes to prepare for the class final, you cannot use notes.




Complete all 5 driving lessons. 

  • Schedule these at 

  • Road test is the last 25 minutes of BTW lesson 5.  Must achieve a score of 80%

    • Make sure that you are getting a least an hour of driving practice at home every week.  Practice the skills that you perform after each scheduled drive.

  • Complete observation. Student must ride in the back while another student drives. 

    • Although DOL is not requiring the observation requirement until further notice, we still highly recommend them!


Remember your completion deadline!!! Must be completed within 120 days of the course start date.  Use the class calendar when scheduling your drives.  Remember there is a mandatory 6 day practice between drives.  Don't wait until the last minute.

*On the class calendar, if you click on the BTW Lesson reminders on the calendar, you will get a brief description of what will be covered on each drive.


Driver Education never expires. 

Can start testing once you complete driver education. 

There is a knowledge & drive test for the state.

State testing information
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