Getting Started:  Course Checklist

By clicking on the buttons, it will bring you to the direct link or form.

Course Contract

All policies, procedures for the class.  Both parent/ guardian will sign and submit for the student's course record  There is a PDF option so you can download a copy to your computer.  We go through this during the parent meeting.

Student Email Address

We need the student's email address so we can send them the links for zoom and the homework.  Many parents use their own personal email when signing the student up.  

Join License Express & Permits

Central Washington Driving School needs the student's Washington Driver License number before they can get a permit.  The school must enter the DLN into the state portal.  Proves they are enrolled in driver education.  To get your permit online, you will also have to join license express.


  • If you already have a Washington State Identification or already have the student's WDL, click on the green button above to open form and submit.

  • Once you join License Express, submit the student's DLN by clicking the green button to complete form and submit.

Completing Driver Education

Students have a maximum of 180 days to complete the course.  If the course is not completed by this time, they will have to retake the course.   This includes all classroom sessions and makeup's, behind-the-wheel lessons, & all homework/tests.    For more detailed information, please review the CWDS Course Contract.

80% is required


  1. Once you have attended all classes (make-up classes if needed) and finish all course assignments

    • You will need to schedule a time to take the 50 question comprehensive test for the course in person, in our office.

  2. Complete all 5 driving lessons.  Schedule these at  80% is required on road test to pass. (Road test is the last 25 minutes on Drive 5.)

  3. DOL TEMPORARILY IS NOT REQUIRING: Complete observation. Student must ride in the back while another student drives.  1 hour minimum.

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